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I've been a Denver based Certified Sleep Consultant and CLC since 2018 (although I work with families worldwide)!! It's my pleasure to walk this road of early parenting with my client families. My background is also in massage therapy, since 1998, working with prenatal and postnatal recovery.  
Experience Makes a Difference 

Having worked with more than 200 families from Birth to Age 14, my expertise in sleep, early feeding and parenting guides my client relationships. I love supporting infants and children as they build safe, healthy sleep skills to last a lifetime.  
In our family we work hard and play hard too. We enjoy skiing, traveling, gardening and spending time with our community of friends.  As a mom of two amazing teenagers and two adult "bonus" kids, I've been through the highs and lows of parenting.  Teaching emotional intelligence and creating secure, loving attachment have been at the forefront of our parenting approach.
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Our Sleep Story

When our first child was born in 2005, we wanted to be "perfect" and couldn't stand the thought of him crying.  Guess what?? He cried anyway because he was sooooo tired!  At 9 months we were only sleeping a couple of hours at a time.  Custom sleep support wasn't a thing yet, so we muddled our way through and it was messy.  
Our Sleeping Babies
In 2008 with our second child, we were on the same path...(cue the tears).  We didn't understand that sleep is a skill we TEACH our children.  At 4 months old, using a custom sleep support program (the method I teach today), our daughter was sleeping through the night and naps were improving in just a few days.  We were informed parents with teachable skills and valuable support.  It made ALL the difference.  
As an attachment parent, experienced sleep consultant and lactation counselor, I know these truths: 
  1. Sleep is non-negotiable for our healthy development and well being.
  2. With more sleep, families can thrive, not just survive.
Book a free introductory call with me to learn more about how we can
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