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Older Child

3 to 14 Years (In a Bed)

My Unique Support


Parents often wait for their child’s sleep to improve “naturally” or for them to grow out of their poor sleep habits.  Unfortunately this doesn't always work.

Sleep is a learned skill.  In order to get consistent, quality sleep, we must learn the skill of independent sleep.  This means falling asleep on our own from a completely awake state and also the ability to get back to sleep without help from someone else during the night.  


Whether your child experiences bedtime pushback, needs you to lay with them to get to sleep or can fall asleep independently but then needs your involvement during the night - all of these issues can be solved.  Often anxiety and fear have crept into the story too.  It's important to work with these emotions while also creating clear, realistic boundaries and expectations around sleep.  


It’s never too late!  Let’s get your family some REST!

When doing sleep support with kids age 3 to 14 who sleep in a bed, I use a two phase behavioral approach.  This means two consultations, two plans and two phases of support.  The first week we practice with a daytime behavior and spend time prepping for the sleep support.  My experience has shown that this first week goes a long way towards simplifying the sleep support which happens in the second and third weeks of our time together.

Book a free intro call HERE to learn more.

What's Included:

What you get with Standard Sleep

What you get with Rested Kids Sleep Training

In Depth Questionnaire

  • As we build our relationship, I want to learn more about you and your family’s specific needs and circumstances


Custom Sleep Plan 

  • You will find everything you need to get started and beyond in this detailed plan for your family.

Virtual Sleep Consultation

  • In this Zoom Consultation we go through the sleep plan and discuss our approach and any questions you may have.

Rested™ App Sleep Log - 3 Weeks

  • During our 3 weeks together, we will use an interactive sleep log. 

Virtual Preparation Consultation

  • In this Zoom consultation, we will discuss the preparation plan and the week ahead practicing with a daytime behavior.

Daily Voxer Communication - 3 weeks

  • During the 3 weeks of sleep training, we will use the Voxer App (text/talk/photo/video) for our communication.  

Custom Preparation Plan

  • This custom plan provides steps to prepare for the coming sleep support and the first week of our time together.

Lifetime Membership to the Private Rested Kids™ Facebook Group 

  • All Rested Kids™ graduate families get to join my private Facebook group.  This will be a space to ask on-going questions about your child’s sleep (one question per month, per member). It’s an opportunity to learn from one another as many issues are similar within each stage of development. 

Rested Kids™ Graduate Guides

  • Even the best sleep can be thrown off by travel, illness and life transitions.  My graduate guides offer help in these areas.

Sleep Space Assessment

  • We will assess your child’s sleep environment for optimal success.

Investment:  $1000 (payment plans available)

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