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4 to 12 Months

My Unique Support


The infant stage is an ideal time to shift poor sleep habits that have crept in despite your best efforts.  Is your baby still feeding a number of times each night even though you know they don’t need to? 

Are you struggling with nap onset and nap length?  Is bedtime a struggle and you are still overly involved in your baby’s “going to sleep” process?  Are you afraid that the only way to solve it is to leave the room and let your baby cry it out?  If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions - you are in the right place!!  There are many safe, proven ways we will improve your baby’s sleep together!

During your custom support, I will share my knowledge around feeding, early development and sleep skill acquisition.  In the first 12-18 months of life your infant will transition from 5 naps to 1 nap.  Wake windows will shift from 45 minutes to 5 hours.  I will lovingly guide you through each of these significant changes and help you build your confidence in parenting.  It’s always my intention to decrease the stress and worry that accompany sleep issues.  When we are exhausted, everything is more difficult.  Let’s get your family some REST!  

What's Included:

What you get with Standard Sleep

What you get with Rested Kids Sleep Training

In Depth Questionnaire

  • As we build our relationship, I want to learn more about you and your family’s specific needs and circumstances


Custom Sleep Plan 

  • You will find everything you need to get started and beyond in this detailed plan for your family.

Virtual Sleep Consultation

  • In this 60 minute Zoom session we go through the sleep plan and discuss our approach and any questions you may have. 
    we will do a 3 day sleep log and mini questionnaire ahead of time so that I can provide valuable feedback in the call.

Rested™ App Sleep Log - 3 Weeks

  • During the 3 weeks of sleep training, we will use an interactive sleep log daily. 

Daily Voxer Communication - 3 weeks

  • During the 3 weeks of sleep training, we will use the Voxer App (text/talk/photo/video) for our communication.  

Sleep Space Assessment

  • Working with the AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines and your family’s unique wishes, we will assess your child’s sleep environment.

Night #1 Voxer Bedtime Support 

  • Your success will be faster and easier if you have my support through Voxer during the first “going to sleep” process.  This support will be available to you until 9 PM your time.

Rested Kids™ Graduate Guides 

  • Following our primary time together, you will receive my custom graduate guides which cover topics such as nap transitions, early morning wakes, travel and more. 

Lifetime Membership to the Private Rested Kids™ Facebook Group 

  • All Rested Kids™ graduate families get to join my private Facebook group.  This will be a space to ask on-going questions about your child’s sleep (one question per month, per member). It’s an opportunity to learn from one another as many issues are similar within each stage of development. 

Investment:  $1000 (payment plans available)

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