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Thank you to each and every family who has placed their trust in me on this journey!

Rested Families

I cannot sing Sara's praises enough! Out of nowhere our 2 year old stopped falling asleep on her own, needed me to sleep with her in the night, was having multiple night wakings. We went through this for over 5 months before working with Sara and I can't believe we waited so long. She now is back to falling asleep on her own and sleeping through the night. We also got rid of her PACIFIER during this process which was so smooth. I highly recommend Sara!!

Bree Ann

Mom of 2-year old

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Working with Sara completely changed our lives. My son had very bad reflux and colic. Before working with Sarah he was sleeping in a swing and not sleeping at all. My son was sleep deprived and my husband and I were beyond exhausted. Sara held our hand every step of the way. She was so confident and kind. She went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable and had the tools to succeed. We went from my son not sleeping much in a swing to him falling asleep independently in his crib in his nursery from 7pm to 630am in the morning. This has been a game changer. This has really been a Miracle and changed our lives. We get sleep now and alone time at night. It actually feels like a dream and my son is a completely different kid cause he is getting the sleep he needs. Sara is amazing I can’t recommend her enough. Seriously a miracle worker. I can’t believe the difference working with her made.
Thank you for all your help in this process. For helping me to be patient and understand it's a process. That she will keep building on these skills. Thank you for your support for me. To have the guidance and support had been huge. The momma support! I feel more confident and calm overall. I'm not stressing as much about everything and can enjoy our time more! It is cool to see how far she has come in our short time together. Like you reminded me, she was eating all the time, crummy naps and nighttime sleep with feeds. It has been wonderful to have her in her own space, for her, but also my husband and I get to sleep together again...and sleep more! It's been great for our family!


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Sara C. was a tremendous help from the start! Her detailed sleep plan for our little guy even included my mother (who also helped babysit/nap routine). Sara responded to my chats and messages promptly, and has a way of making you feel at ease even through the toughest times of sleep training. I would highly recommend Sara C. to anyone needing sleep help with their kiddos!

**A follow up to my previous post from above..
Our son’s sleep has remained solid! He’s 4.5 now, and doing great! We’re now being proactive with our 14 month old, and using the same guidance on a successful bedtime routine. Sleep coaching was such an amazing investment for our entire growing family!


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Sara saved my baby, my relationship, and my sanity!! My little guy was dependent on nursing to sleep and swaddling. When he became too big to swaddle and hit that "4 month sleep regression", he wanted to be nursed every hour at night! I wasn't sleeping and my stress levels were at an all time high. He also refused to nap during the day. My long-time friend told me to contact Sleeper Teachers, and I'll admit I was hesitant at first. Then, I was up feeding him at 2:30 am, sleep deprived, and in that moment I requested a consultation with Sara C - the best decision we've made as parents so far!
Sara was incredibly kind, understanding, and helpful throughout the process. I tend to worry (a lot, ha) and she helped every anxious-moment and guided us through every step of the way.

After a few nights, our little guy slept through the night with one feed (our choice) and is on a 3 nap schedule! By having the skills Sara helped us to design with our kiddo, we were able to successfully adjust later to: multiple day light savings, traveling, 3 to 2 to 1 nap adjustments, weaning, rerouting bedtime during a not-so-good nap day, surgery, and will certainly reach out to Sara when he is ready to transition into a big boy bed! The skills we learned from Sara have kept us on track even 2 years later.

If you are debating making the consultation - DO NOT DEBATE ANY LONGER!!!! You will NOT regret this decision. Your baby will be much happier! And sleeping 11 hours at night doesn’t hurt me either! Thank you times a million to Sara and Sleeper Teachers for EVERYTHING!!!


Mother of 4 month old
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After a having a baby that never wanted to be set down and didn't sleep through the night until a year, I was so lucky to come across Sara's help for my second child. She was so incredibly helpful that we booked her services as soon as we found out we were pregnant with a third. Sara is great about coming up with a data-based action plan and telling you exactly what to do to increase your baby's sleep. She also gave us tips about how to make sure our older children stayed on track with their sleep throughout the process. I recommend her to all of my friends having children!


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We worked with Sara when our daughter was almost 3 months old and getting ready to start daycare. She was waking up twice a night and not napping on a regular basis. Flash forward to today, our daughter is 2 years and 3 months old and has been sleeping consistently through the night since she was 3 months old. As someone who loves to sleep (me), it was very important that we established self soothing skills for our daughter so that no matter what she was going through - teething, sickness, etc - she would have the skills to fall back asleep. And Sara and her team gave our daughter those skills. If you are on the fence, let me tell you, it's the best investment you'll make for your child. And it's never too late. I can already see changes as she's getting older and look forward to picking Sara's brain for the next few years.


Mother of 3-month old
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Sara is a dream to work with. She is patient and thoughtful, yet she knows when to tell you the hard truths. As she educates you about your child’s sleep and methods to encourage independent sleep skills, she is a constant support. Sara has helped us with two of our children now, both with different sleep struggles. Sara is committed to helping your entire family achieve sleep success. She doesn’t “leave” until there is a consistent, positive change in your child’s sleep habits and routines.

We still consult with Sara when there’s a need for “tuning up.” Overall, Sara taught us principles to remember and use that instill safe and full sleep.


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My husband and I are so happy that we found Sara! She took a lot of time to go over all our questions before we started with the training and explained what we would be doing and how in detail (even after having us already sent the material). In particular on the first night she was "right there with us", walking us through all our questions and concerns live while we transitioned our daughter from being rocked to sleep to falling asleep completely on her own. Throughout the program, she always had great comments and advice, and addressed all our questions immediately. We decided to go with Sleeper Teachers because they offer constant contact with the consultant during the program, which is particularly useful for nervous first-time parents like us, and we could not be happier with our choice. Thanks again, Sara!!


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Sara was wonderful in helping transition our baby from a nightmare sleeper who would awake screaming all night to one that now sleeps for 11.5 hours nightly. We could not be more grateful!


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Sara is the absolute best! We have used Sara for both of our kiddos. First, we used her for 2.5 year old (now 4) who was waking on average 4-5 times a night. She set up a sleep plan, helped us every step of the way, and held us accountable (which we loved) to succeed in getting our 2.5 year old sleeping through the night! He was doing just that in about 4 weeks! He’s now 4 and sleeps amazing! We then used her for our 7 year old as he was having us lay with him until he fell asleep, and waking at least once a night and coming into our bedroom. She customized a plan for him, we stuck to it and got him sleeping on his own. No wakings in the night and nobody to sleep next to him! Sara involved our 7 year old which was super cool! We would recommend Sara in a heartbeat she will change your life!!!


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This was our first baby and I, of course, wanted to spend every minute holding and caring for him. I didn't realize until I went back to work how it affected not only my sleep needs, but his as well. We were sleep deprived from being up all day and night with him. We were spending more time trying to put him down to sleep than the time he actually spent sleeping. We used to love seeing him smile, coo, and "talk" to us. But that soon turned in to a quiet or fussy baby. It broke my heart that he wasn't acting himself anymore due to his sleep debt. I knew at that point we needed a change. That is when our pediatrician recommended Sara and it was the best decision we could have made! I had read so many articles about sleep training, but it wasn't until I had someone so skilled and dedicated to our baby's sleep success that I felt comfortable in taking the steps we needed to help our son learn to sleep on his own. I have to say, we expected the worst and we were pleasantly surprised that the approach she took is one that we were all comfortable with. She was with us during the whole process and paid attention to detail while making adjustments, as needed, along the way. Again, this made us so much more comfortable with the process rather than following a generic approach from a book or online. Sara truly cares about the success of your experience and has been a saving grace for our family. I know the skills we received will continue to help us in the future and give our son one of the most important things he needs to grow... sleep. Thank you Sara, for not only the tools we needed for a great sleeping baby, but the loving support and continuing commitment to helping our family!

Devin & Kristie

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Our little guy went from waking multiple times per night to sleeping straight through!! We couldn't have done it without Sara's guidance and encouragement. Thank you!


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I can't recommend Sara enough! It is the best money we've spent as parents!! She helped us create boundaries and structure and everyone is more rested and happier!


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Highly recommend working with Sara!! She has helped our family so much. We struggled for months and months with bedtime and the kids falling asleep independently. After working with her, the kids have learned to fall asleep on their own and sleep through the night. She is delightful to work with and truly cares about the kids and bringing sleep back to the family! The kids loved working with her too, and still talk about “sleepy Sara” all the time!
Sara was very empathetic in our conversations as we tried to figure out the best strategies for helping our daughter sleep through the night. She never made us feel like what we had done before was wrong, she just gave us excellent strategies to train our daughter to sleep through the night. Sleeping through the night has had so many positive effects for our daughter and our entire family. Being well rested makes a massive difference. Thanks, Sara, for all your help!
I was completely skeptical and completely desperate when I contacted Sara. I'd convinced myself that I'd be sleep deprived forever and sleep training my 9 month old would never work. Sara was so empathetic during our initial consult and assured me that if I trusted her my baby would be falling asleep on her own and sleeping through the night within our two week period together - it took 4 nights. On the 4th night here was minimal fussing/crying when she put herself to sleep and she slept through the night, 12 hours. I can not recommend this enough and I love knowing that for future sleep disruptions, refreshers, etc. I can reach out to Sara as well, I know I will need them. Thank you Sara, you saved me!
Our experience with Sara at Sleeper Teachers was amazing. When my son was 10 weeks old, he had a hard time napping longer than 20min and had a very hard time independently falling asleep. Each night was a long “witching hour” process of rocking, holding and sneaking out before he got into a night rhythm. I was planning to go back to work soon, and wanted him and his caretaker to have a better sleep situation set up, but I hesitated to start at such a young age. Sara was great at explaining the gentle approach and benefits of starting early.

Sara was wonderful at meeting our daily sleep questions (I had a lot!). She monitored our sleep log closely to give us daily feedback and advice. *sigh* We’re so glad we started early; it’s saved us a lot of sleep anxiety.

By the time I went back to work, we had transitioned my son out of the Snoo, into a sleep sack. During my first week back, he dropped his night wakings/feedings. Soon, we transitioned from 4 naps to 3 per day, and then into the crib in his own room. He became a good sleeper! So much so that the dreaded 4th month sleep regression was barely noticeable, and teething has been no problem. We learned so much about sleep from Sara that towards the end of our time with her, I was confident we could navigate most of his future transitions and sleep needs. Thank you Sara!


Mother of 10 week old
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UPDATE: Our daughter is now turning 5 in a couple weeks and has continued to be an amazing sleeper thanks to the tools provided by Sara. Hiring her was really the best decision we’ve ever made!
We worked with Sara Cuthbert and she was incredible. Our 3 year old, who had always been an amazing sleeper, went through a crazy sleep regression where she was coming into our room 10+ times a night and waking up before 5am. Sara was recommended to us by a friend and she truly saved our sanity. In 2 short weeks, our daughter not only was back to sleeping soundly through the night, but she was also falling asleep easily and staying in bed until 7am. We are now several months out and she is still sleeping through the night, bedtime is easy and she wakes up at a reasonable hour. This program was worth every penny!


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We started working with Sara when my son was about 5 months old. His sleep was harder to manage, we were getting short naps of 20 minutes or less, and bedtime was multiple rounds of rocking and singing, only to repeat and do that again an hour or so later.
Within a few days of Sara's help, our baby's sleep had already made some noticeable gains. Within a few weeks, we had a consistently happier, better rested baby.
The best part is that now, almost 6 months later, we still have a great little sleeper! Our son gets himself to sleep peacefully within 10 minutes, and reliably hits his goals for day and night sleep. He can sleep well in hotels, while visiting family, on airplanes, and in the car. Sara's guidance set us all up for success by helping us to feel more confident about how to manage and adapt to how our baby's sleep needs have evolved, and I'm truly so glad that we worked with her.


Mother of 5 month old
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Sara was so helpful in guiding us through the sleep training process. Our daughter, at nearly two years old, had never once slept through the night and was still regularly waking and relying on us to get back to sleep. She often took 1-2 hours of rocking and holding to fall asleep each night, and it was such a struggle to keep her sleeping that we ended up bed sharing most nights- which meant broken sleep for everyone. Sara was very thorough in walking us through the process and making it extremely easy to follow. She was supportive and provided advice and guidance every step of the way so we felt confident when making decisions. We were skeptical that anything would change, because we truly thought we were going to be stuck with a bad sleeper for many years to come, but Sara reassured us that her tools would work and we are SO GLAD we worked with Sara because now we have an incredible sleeper on our hands!! Thank you Sara!!!


Mother of 2-year old
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We had been cosleeping with our son, as he got closer to 12 months we both were sleeping poorer and poorer... I knew he needed to be on his own but I didn’t know how to get him there. Sara C was a great support in guiding us to his own space. I was amazed from night 1 he slept on his own! Naps were a little trickier but Sara helped us navigate the best time and routine for him and in the end is napping 1.5-2 hours on his own. It’s amazing to have my evenings back to myself and I feel like my son is a happier now that he is getting restful sleep! I was also concerned that his sleeping on his own would break up our nursing bond but he is still breastfeeding like a champ during the day. I would absolutely recommend Sara for sleep training!


Mother of 12-month old
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Sara was nothing short of a miracle and life saver! Within a matter of a week, she helped us get our 5 year old and 3.5 year old sleeping through the night, without a struggle. When we hired her, bed time was an absolute disaster and had gotten to the point where our 3.5 year old would scream and cry unless one of us slept with him all night long. Not only are we all better rested, but by setting healthy boundaries, the kids are really excelling at all aspects of life. 'Sleepy Sara' is the best thing that's happened to our family, hands down!


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My daughter is 2.5 years old. Prior to Sara I would have to make her a bottle, and put her to bed with a paci, bottle and blanket. I would have to lie with her for 20-40 mins at a time coaxing her to sleep with tickles or back rubs and frequently having to sit up and put her back on her pillow as she tried to leave her bed (she's in a queen bed). She also NEVER slept through the night, and would come into our room and hop into our bed, waking me and often our newborn. Nap time was worse, and she often flat out refused to nap, falling asleep at 3 or 4 pm from sheer exhaustion, affecting her bedtime dramatically. I knew she could fall asleep independently, as she did it at day care with no problem, which made this so much more frustrating! We decided to hire Sara, as I recently gave birth to our second daughter, and was having to take our newborn into my daughters room and sit on her bed and nurse and try and tend to my newborn while our toddler was bouncing around, totally capitalizing on not having my full attention. We had a 20 min phone call and then a face to face video call about my concerns and how we would tackle them. Sara was great, and came up with a plan that was gentle and calm - I am a rather anxious person and worried about how sleep training would affect my daughter mentally and emotionally. I didn't want her to feel abandoned by us, and would certainly not just lock her in her room and let her cry for hours. Our plan was clear, and we set up the expectations we would have our daughter follow. I was for sure convinced it wouldn't work - there was no way this plan would work to where she would hop into bed, we could kiss her good night, and she would stay in her bed, sleep through the night, and then stay in bed until it was time to get up. did! The plan was easy to follow and I felt 100% supported the whole time. I was able to get real time feed back two to three times a day on our progress, and Sara checked in with us multiple times a day. It took about 3 weeks, but with Sara's support it felt a lot quicker. Plus it was very reassuring to have someone to bounce issues and ideas off. To feel supported by an expert, and to not have to second guess the plan was also amazing. I never felt pressured to do anything I wasn't comfortable with, and Sara was always happy to adjust the plan to make sure our wishes as parents were always being met. I could not speak highly enough of Sara, and refer her to all my friends and family members. I now have a toddler that is happy, and not sleep deprived. We have a short bed time routine, and after that I kiss her good night and walk out. She sings softly to herself, stays in her bed, falls asleep independently, and SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! :) She even stays in her bed until her special light turns green, meaning I get to sleep in even if she's awake. If you're on the fence about this but finding your sleep is affected by your child, don't hesitate. Get in contact with Sara and regain your sleep, your evenings, and your family happiness!


Mother of 2.5-year old
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My husband and I tried hard to have our little one sleep in her crib, as our older one never did. We did not want to co-sleep again. But, as our little one was waking approx. 4 times a night, we were desperate for sleep, we ended up bringing her to our bed. We also gave her a bottle every time she woke up during the night. She was already 1 at this time, and did not need the night feedings, we knew this, but, did it anyways.
We were referred to Sara by our pediatrician at our 1 year check up. We were sure that we were going to be her worst case. I think we even gave her a "warning" during our first call lol. We were also sure that we would need her for more than the 3 weeks given. Turns out, it took our baby 1 night of training before she began sleeping 12 hours a night. She had 1 other night waking since training, but, thats it. She sleeps in her crib for naps, and through the night. All without a bottle. We are amazed. We told everyone about our experience, it felt like magic. My husband and I had a long talk before committing, and both agreed to stick with the program no matter what. WE DID, and it worked. I wish we were ready months before. Its all about be ready to commit and follow through. The babies are born ready for this. Its us as adults that complicate things. Well, thats how I feel about our situation. Thank you Sara! I have been able to watch movies and have alone time in the evening. Its been a game changer ♥


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Our oldest slept through the night since she was 2.5 months. But we all know that each kid is different, right?! Our little boy, who is a pacifier refuser, was 4 months when we decided to reach out to Sara for help. He woke every 2-3 hours and needed a bottle and me holding him to fall back to sleep. We had no feeding or sleeping routine. Night-time was stressful because he struggled to fall back to sleep, sometimes after 2-3 hours of night-wakeing. My oldest, husband and myself were exhausted from the sleepless nights and the crying, and we knew we needed to make a change ASAP. I cannot say enough about our experience with Sara. From the beginning, she was kind and understanding. She listened to my needs and developed a personalized plan for us. One of the biggest achievements of this process with Sara is that we no longer have anxiety around the sleep-feed routine. We were always worried about if and when he would wake up, for how long, and does he cried for food or out of exhaustion. We can't thank her enough!
Sara changed our lives. She helped our one year old sleep through the night which means we did too!! She is very helpful and so easy to work with and her methods work!! I highly recommend her to anyone with a little one struggling with sleep.
Sara was amazing to work with. She understood my concerns and worked with me to help establish healthy sleep pattern for my one and four year old. She was patient and listened to my concerns. We have developed a great routines for the children.


Mother of 1and 4 year old
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As a first time mom I didn’t know where to turn for sleep advice. There’s a lot of options and opinions online, but I didn’t have the energy for trial and error. I was 2 weeks away from starting my new job and needed one on one help. I happened to Google best pediatric sleep specialist nearby and was lucky enough to stumble across Sara Cuthbert. Now that I’ve worked with her, I can understand why she populates at the top. We went from our 6 month old only falling asleep next to us, would freak out if we moved her to sleep independently in her bassinet, and on average waking 4 times per night. I’d read that my baby is old enough to now sleep through the night, except she wasn’t. We were EXHAUSTED. Once we finished working with Sara my daughter is placed in her crib AWAKE and falls asleep independently, and actually sleeps through the night (happy tears). No more rocking to sleep, putting the pacifier back in her mouth for the 100th time, searching for a magical sleep suit, or scared to roll in our own bed because it might wake the sleeping baby. I literally never do reviews but Sara changed my life! I’m a better mom now that I’m getting sleep and my kiddo is happier too. I had no idea about wake windows, how long or how many naps my daughter should get at her age. The “sleep when the baby sleeps” isn’t sustainable and disheartening. If you’re reading this and considering it…do it. My husband and I were hesitant initially but that $700 was worth every penny. I tell all my friends and if we have another kiddo I not only know what to do better next time, but also who to call if I need help.


Mother of 6 month old
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Sara Cuthbert was absolutely incredible! I have to admit that when my wife and I met her (after I was breastfeeding my son 3-4 times a night for 8.5 months) I didn't believe it when she told me we could have him sleeping through the night in two weeks. We were so exhausted and sleep deprived, we were willing to try anything. I also wasn't sure my son would become a better daytime nurser (which Sara suggested might happen) but he did! I was nervous that he would be left in a room crying for hours on end like the horror stories I've heard about sleep training but that is not Sara's approach at all. In fact when I told her he had cried for an hour straight one night she was horrified which I found comforting. Sara was with us every single step of the way (including staying up late with me the first few nights to make sure she was there to help if I had questions or needed help). It was so comforting to know we weren't alone! She prepared a custom sleep plan for us to implement with our son that also worked on getting him to nap better. Not only was he waking up every 2-3 hours at night but he was only napping at daycare for 20 minutes at a time. Now he will sleep through the night and sleep up to 2 hours at a time during his naps at daycare! We are so grateful for Sara and all of her hard work!! We couldn't have done it without her, and we are so happy to be sleeping through the night again and have our lives back!! We will be referring her to everyone we know!


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Working with Sara has been such an incredible experience. I was really struggling with helping my 9 month old son consistently and safely sleep through the night - nothing we tried seemed to stick and the lack of consolidated sleep we were all getting just wasn't sustainable. We were able to use much more generic sleep training plans for my older daughter and they worked well for her as an infant, but I really needed a more customized approach to be able to support my son so he could get the rest he needed to grow. After even just our first weekend working with Sara, I noticed huge shifts in how well he was able to sleep - even through cutting his first tooth and getting a stomach bug! Sara was so approachable and worked with our family around what our goals were, and helped us work with our daycare provider to ensure consistency for my son. Thinking about where we were a month ago, before meeting Sara, and where we are today, is pretty hard to believe and we are SO appreciative (and well-rested!)!


Mother of 5-month old
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Sara works miracles!! We are so thankful to have found her and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a better nights sleep! Our son was taking hours to get down and would wake throughout the night, and within days of working with Sara, he was going down and self-settling easily and mama got her much needed full night sleep! Sara is a true expert, a baby whisperer and such a lovely person, and we look forward to using her for any tune-ups and with our future children. WE LOVE SARA!


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I started working with Sara when my daughter was four months and it was a game changer! It was taking hours to get her to sleep and taking away from my other two kids at night. She started getting on a good schedule and was going to sleep independently without me nursing her! Naps and bedtime I was able to put her to bed awake and she would fall asleep! Now that my daughter is almost 14 months I reached back out to her because I needed to drop the night feed that was haunting me. By the second night she was sleeping a full 11-12 hours without waking!! Best decision I have ever made as a mom of three! Has allowed me to stop stressing over getting her to sleep and staying asleep and give time to my other two kids!
Update: it’s been a week since Sara and I spoke and got on a plan for my daughter. She has slept through the whole night for a whole week!!!

Wanted to give another update after going on vacation this last week. My daughter was so great at wakings! She rolled with her naps for the whole trip some days she did one nap other days she did two. She did so awesome and it made our vacation that much better knowing we were all getting good sleep! I am so glad I reached out to Sara before our trip! I was holding onto that middle of the night feeding and so glad I got rid of it. It changed everything!


Mother of 4-month old
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Parents: do yourself a favor and work with Sara to improve your kids' sleep. She's super knowledgeable and really easy to work with; we saw major results within just a few weeks - and those improvements have stuck. The best part has been getting to spend more time with our daughter in 'happy mode' now that she's getting enough sleep (and so are we!). Sara's strategies are long-term and easy to internalize, so you will develop instincts to continue helping your child as they grow and their sleep evolves.


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Working with Sara is worth every penny! You will question this decision several times throughout the process :-) STAY THE COURSE--you will have moments where you will want to throw in the towel--DON'T! You will come out the other side so so thankful that you kept with it and pushed through. Sara is knowledgeable, understanding and also firm. After working with Love Sleep Thrive our baby is going in his crib WIDE awake and able to put himself to sleep moments later without any sleep props. It's incredibly reassuring to know that family and friends can easily jump into our nap and bedtime routines without having to follow a laundry list of steps to get him to sleep. Working with Sara feels like a life-long investment into our family's health and well-being and we're so so grateful. We highly recommend this to any and all parents--whether you're at your wits end with your babies' sleep, or you're just needing some good tools to set a foundation.


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If your baby has trouble sleeping, you probably know that there is no shortage of information out there about bedtime routines, feeding routines, different sleep training methods, etc. that can “fix” the problem. Its overwhelming for anyone, let alone a sleep-deprived parent. In my quest for help, I talked to SO many sleep consultants (and actually hired 2), but had a hard time finding one whose strategies jived with my parenting style. Fast forward to 18 months and my son was still waking once a night, sometimes for hours on end. I contacted Sara and she IMMEDIATELY set me up with a personalized plan (and even hand-delivered it to my house!). We had a lot of good habits already in place, so she helped us tweak our schedule and lay out a plan for night wakings. We used a google sheet to track all the nitty-gritty details for her to analyze, and she told us what we needed to adjust the next day (if anything). It was amazing. Just a handful of nights in and we were sleeping through the night. It’s been 3 months and we are still going strong! Super thankful to Sara for helping us through it, and for answering any follow-up questions I have had since ending our time together!!


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Our daughter was having major sleep issues and we were exhausted, worn out, and didn't know where to turn. We feel so fortunate to have found Love Sleep Thrive. Working with Sara to help with our daughter's sleep was not only effective - but painless. She helped us transition some habits that were forming and weren't ideal for our daughter's sleep (or for ours) and we were able to do so fairly quickly. She created a clear plan for us and was patient as we worked through it. The best part was the custom attention that we received throughout our work together. She is very knowledgable and her attention to detail really helped keep us accountable during the process. We never felt shamed or like we were doing something wrong. In fact we gained amazing confidence, clarity, and felt like we were on the right path every step of the way. We have recommended her to several friends and family members who have had amazing results with Sara as well. And... we will continue to highly recommend her to friends and family who might be struggling with sleep!


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