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Well rested children
are happier

Well rested families are too!

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Welcome! You are here, which means two important things.  First, you value your family’s health and well-being.  And second, you are open to receiving support in this sometimes isolating journey of early parenting.
Although you are tired and your child is struggling with sleep, I have good news.  We can solve it together!
Every human requires consolidated sleep to be healthy.  We aren’t born knowing how to do this and sometimes we need guidance to build healthy sleep skills for our children.  That’s okay!  Asking for and receiving help can be hard to do, but I promise that you will be glad you did.
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How would it feel to be supported on this path? With my customized guidance, you will reclaim your rest more easily and quickly than if you go it alone.  Once you commit to the process and stick with it, I promise that great sleep is possible!

I'm a parent too. I understand how real this struggle is.  As a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and CLC since 2018, I provide safe, evidence based support throughout your journey towards great sleep.  

A RESTED FAMILY is possible for you too!  




Are you thinking, "this sounds good, but...."

My Baby Will Cry All Night

My Child is Too Old

We Can’t Possibly Afford It

Our Bond Will Be Broken

My Milk Will Dry Up

My Baby Will Grow Out of It 

We Can Do This - We Can Handle the Pain

There will always be a reason why not. 
I want to help you find your reason WHY.   

Want to hear more from Rested Families I’ve worked with? 
Testimonials can be found 

"This program is life changing - we promise you. Working with Sara you get confidence, control, flexibility and understanding - and of course SLEEP!” 

- Jocelyn & Blake F. 

Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant

Certified Lactation Counselor
Member of the APSC & IACSC
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